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RA & Associates, APC offers a large portfolio of services including: Real Estate Transactions, Personal Injury, Homeowners Insurance Claims & Litigation, and Business Law.


Our firm is staffed with highly trained and experienced Attorneys, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, and Case Managers to serve all our clients’ needs. We have obtained millions of dollars in settlements and judgments for our clients and we make sure you and your assets are highly protected.

Can I Sue My Lender?

The unfortunate fact is that lenders pursue their own interests and simply do not care about you or your home. With Litigation, you the borrower can file a lawsuit against your bank and any other parties involved for wrongful, negligent, and fraudulent acts that were committed against you. A few examples might be that your bank gave you a trial modification and then never made it permanent, perhaps they sold your loan from one bank to another without properly recording it, or they failed to negotiate with you in good faith during your loan modification process. We use legal strategies to keep your home ownership secure, including seeking court orders to stop your foreclosure sale. There are a number of different scenarios that can be litigated and our experienced attorneys are available for a free consultation to discuss your specific needs.

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Mr. Smith | Los Angeles
“Mr. Abramyan recently helped me with a family member that really needed assistance with the loan on her Property. She had fallen behind on her mortgage payments for over 3 years. Mr. Abramyan sued Bank of America and was able to get her loan modified and even forced Bank of America to pay her $12,000 for damages. I guess Bank of America realized they couldn’t lie to her anymore. Since then, I have referred several clients over to RA & Associates, APC. Thanks to Mr. Abramyan, the outcome of my daughter’s case was better than anyone of us had hoped.”
Rick Davis | California
“I filed a claim with Allstate for wind damages that I had with my roof and they ended up paying me $2,000. After receiving a mailer from RA & Associates, APC, I contacted them to represent me against Allstate. They eventually ended up filing a lawsuit and got me a full roof replacement and more. Just one call ended up increasing my settlement from Allstate from $2,000 to over $20,000. RA & Associates was very assertive in their approach. I would recommend them to anyone. In fact, I already have. ”
Vic, M.D. | Los Angeles
"Recommended RA & Associates, APC to a friend based on excellent word of mouth reputation. Easy to arrange a meeting. Highly professional. Highly efficient. Highly effective. Nothing but the best to say about them. Strongly recommend."
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