Wrongful Foreclosures

If a bank acts in a negligent or fraudulent manner, resulting in the foreclosure of your home, you may be entitled to file a wrongful foreclosure suit. In this case, one of our real estate attorneys can protect your rights and help you recover both monetary and punitive damages.

Unlawful Foreclosure

Foreclosures aren’t always legal. Wrongful foreclosures occur for a variety of reasons, including lender mistakes, a lack of due diligence, negligence and outright fraud.

Unlawful Detainer

After the trustee sale has occurred, the homeowner will likely be named in an unlawful detainer action. When this occurs, the lender or new buyer will attempt to evict the former homeowner and take ownership of the property.

Surplus Litigation

If you have equity in your home, and the home is auctioned for more than the remaining loan amount, you may be entitled to the surplus funds.

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