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Why you need an attorney even with no visible injuries after a car accident

You got into a car accident, but you’re lucky. You walk away with no apparent injury. The damage to your car is minor. You are confident insurance will cover it. So, why do you need an attorney with no visible injuries after a car accident?

The problem is: You may actually have injuries, but not notice right away.

Here’s why you need an attorney even with no visible injuries after a car crash:

  • Adrenaline: The adrenaline release of a car accident stops you from feeling pain. Adrenaline is a protective measure designed to get you out of a bad situation. It happens to athletes who get injured or victims of an attack. Once your body returns to normal, you may realize you are hurt after all. This can take several hours after a crash, depending on the person.
  • Whiplash injury is very common in low speed crashes; the very kind you might not think you need an attorney for. Whiplash happens when your head is thrown forward and then back. Whiplash is best prevented by always using a headrest. Pain from a whiplash injury may not show up for days, even weeks. Whiplash is generally treated by a chiropractor and/or massage therapist.
  • Head injuries can also have delayed symptoms. Any concussion is serious. One of the symptoms of concussion is the thought that everything is fine. Violent whiplash can cause concussion even if your head doesn’t come into contact with anything. Some symptoms may not be noticeable until a day or so after the accident. Symptoms include difficulty remembering new information or abnormal sleep patterns. A doctor will confirm if you have a concussion even if you have minimal symptoms. A brain injury can cause long-term problems and even disability. As such, it’s important to link it to the accident to get appropriate compensation.
  • Internal bleeding is not always seen straight away but can be life threatening. Heavy bruising across the body, especially where the seat belt falls, is serious and should be seen by a medical professional right away.
  • Overall soreness can also develop over time. Soreness is generally a result of various soft tissue injuries. If soreness is not documented right away, it’s hard to associate it to the accident.

Mental and Emotional Impairments

  • PTSD is surprisingly common after car accidents. Children are particularly vulnerable. People tend to associate the condition with combat veterans. However, PTSD can happen to anyone who experiences a traumatic situation. Vivid memories and nightmares are common symptoms of PTSD.
  • Anxiety can lead to serious impairments following an accident. Many victims of even minor car crashes have difficulty driving again. Some victims can’t even be in a vehicle on the road. Left untreated, this anxiety can lead to loss of work and a decrease in personal, social satisfaction.

Our recommendation:

See a doctor right away and call an attorney after any accidents. Never settle until you have had a proper medical exam. Consider talking to a therapist or counselor if you are having nightmares or difficulty sleeping. Other symptoms of PTSD include avoiding the scene of accident or irritability. Be positive you are fine before telling an insurance company you are fine. Otherwise, insurance companies may use this to deny your claim.

Document any medical assistance you receive and get proper information from your doctor. Your attorney will guide you through the best way to do this. We work with your doctor to get documentation that to put pressure on insurance companies.

As such, you DO need to contact an attorney even with no visible injuries after a car accident. Call an attorney right away after any wreck, no matter how minor it may seem. RA & Associates offers free initial consultations. We will not charge you if you end up not needing our services.

There are many reasons to not represent yourself for a car accident claim aside from seeming lack of injuries. Be safe and call an attorney.

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