Pre-Foreclosure Litigation

During the pre-foreclosure process, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit against your lender. If they have violated the law or committed a procedural error while handling your mortgage, a lawsuit may hold them accountable while stopping the foreclosure and allowing you to stay in your home until the matter is resolved.

Common Causes of Lender Violations

  • The lender is in violation of the California Homeowners Bill of Rights
  • The lender is engaged in Dual Tracking (Foreclosing while in loan modification review)
  • There are delays associated with the loan modification process
  • The lender behaves in predatory or unscruplus ways
  • There is a defect in the Chain of Title
  • There is an improper substitution of trustees
  • The lender breached a trial modification or permanent modification agreement

  • The lender failed to consider you for loss mitigation alternatives
  • The lender denied your loan modification for an improper reason
  • The lender breached a contract
  • If there are accounting issues with your mortgage payments
  • The lender has charged you excessive late fees and penalties
  • The lender committed fraud or made misrepresentations
  • The lender committed other violations

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