Wrongful Foreclosure Litigation

Foreclosures aren’t always legal. In some cases, lenders deceive homeowners and work against them to illegally speed up the auction of their property. Bank negligence and associated errors may also result in foreclosure, even when it’s not entirely warranted. If fraud occurs during foreclosure in any form – including improper documentation, predatory mediators and illegal lending practices – you may be able to file a wrongful foreclosure claim with the help of one of our top wrongful foreclosure attorneys in Los Angeles.

Common causes of wrongful foreclosure

Wrongful foreclosures, which is the foreclosure sale of a property, occurs for a variety of reasons. In any case, if a wrongful foreclosure takes place, your property may either be sold to a new buyer or revert back to the bank. In either scenario the consequences may be irreversible unless action is taken immediately. The most common reasons for wrongful foreclosure include:

  • Lender Mistakes
  • Lack of Due Diligence
  • Negligence
  • Improper Loan Modification Review

  • Improper Recording of Foreclosure Documents
  • Outright Fraud
  • Violations of the California Homeowners Bill of Rights

How To Prove Your Case

Homeowners who believe their homes have been illegally foreclosed on are advised to retain a wrongful foreclosure attorney who is well versed in applicable lending and foreclosure laws. An experienced attorney can request the proper documentation and information to identify lender fraud, protect your rights, and may even be able to get you monetary compensation and your property back.