Thomas, Creek, Rye, and Skirball Fires Add To Already Devastating Wildfire Season in California

Southern California continues to feel the wrath of a devastating fire season with the Thomas, Creek, Rye and Skirball Fires continuing to burn in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. The four fires have combined to burn more than 250,000 acres and have destroyed over 900 homes and structures. While containment continues to increase around all of these fires and evacuated residents are starting to be allowed to return home, there are still concerns about the dangers posed still posed by them and clean up and recovery efforts.

Thomas Fire: The Thomas Fire, which has affected Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, continues to burn with only 15% containment. Now one of the five biggest fires in California’s modern era, the Thomas Fire has scorched 230,500 acres. At 796 structures have been destroyed, 191 have been damaged and 18,000 remain threatened by the blaze.

Creek Fire: The Creek Fire, which began in Sylmar and affected the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County, is now 95% contained. The second biggest fire of the bunch scorched 15,619 acres and destroyed at least 60 homes and another 63 structures. An additional 55 residences and 26 other structures sustained damage.

Rye Fire: The Rye Fire, affect the Santa Clarita area at the Northern end of Los Angeles County. At 93% containment, the fire burned 6,049 acres, destroyed six structures and damaged another three.

Skirball Fire: The Skirball Fire destroyed six structures, damaged another twelve, and burned 422 acres. The fire is 85% contained at this time.

While Firefighters have begun to get the upper hand on these fires, it’s important to remember that the California wildfire season is increasingly becoming a year long event. As such, it is important to remember these tips to ensure your safety and the safety of those you love:

Before Your Property Is Threatened by A Wildfire:

  • Maintain your property: Clear leaves, debris and dead vegetation from around your property.
  • Maintain and hydrate the landscaping around your home.
  • Inspect your roof, attic and soffit vents, and roof eaves to prevent embers from being blown into your home by the wind.
  • Put together an emergency kit that includes important documents, medications and personal identification. Make sure to store it in a safe location.
  • Create an emergency/evacuation plan with everyone in your home.

If A Wildfire is Threatening Your Area

  • Place your emergency kit and valuable in your vehicle. Make sure your vehicle is pointed towards the street and out of the garage so you are able to jump in and go if you are required to evacuate.
  • Move patio or deck furniture indoors or as far away from your home as possible.
  • Connect garden hoses and fill empty containers with water if possible. Firefighters may use them to help protect your property.
  • Leave as soon as you are told to evacuate. While the urge to stay and protect your property is understandable, leaving your property promptly allows firefighters to bring in equipment and resources to fight the fire. More importantly, it ensures the safety of you and your loved ones.

Returning Home

  • Wear a certified dust mask and wet debris to minimize your exposure to dust particles.
  • Discard any food that has been exposed to heat, smoke or soot.
  • Discard any water you think maybe contaminated.
  • Photograph and catalog all damage to your property and report your loss to your insurance company.

At RA & Associates, we understand the difficulties involved with recovering from fire damage to your property. With more than 10 years of experience, we are here to defend your interests, protect your rights, and help you recover what you are rightfully owed by your insurance company. If you or anyone you know has been affected by the recent wildfires in the Southern California area, please do not hesitate to contact our office for a consultation by calling (888) 417-1080 or requesting a consultation with the form to the right.


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