Why You Need A Property Damage Attorney

Homeowners dutifully pay their monthly insurance premium with the hope that they will never need to file a claim for major damages due to a natural disaster. Unfortunately, when natural disasters occur, policyholders typically find out how difficult it is to get their insurance company to pay for repairs and provide the maximum settlement they are entitled to. In cases of natural disasters, there are much more important issues to worry about than haggling with your insurance carrier over the amounts you are owed and entitled to.

While you don’t have to retain an attorney to handle your property damage claim, there are a number of benefits to doing so.

Read on to learn how RA & Associates can help you handle your property damage claim.

Perhaps the most important reason for retaining an attorney is their knowledge and experience. An experienced attorney knows all of the tricks and strategies an insurance company uses to under compensate their policyholders and how to counter them.

An experienced attorney also knows your rights as a property owner and policyholder and can protect your best interests. They can negotiate on your behalf for the maximum possible outcome. More importantly, they can represent you in mediation, arbitration, or court proceedings should your insurance company wish to take your claim that far.

Another benefit to retaining an attorney for your property damage claim is their ability to handle your entire claim from beginning to end. An attorney and their firm will handle all communication with your insurance carrier, schedule and attend damage inspections if necessary, and recommend reputable experts and contractors to evaluate your claim. Policyholders can have peace of mind knowing that they can focus on more important things, while their claim is being thoroughly evaluated and handled with their best interests in mind

One last benefit to retaining an attorney has to do with compensation. A reputable property damage attorney should never require upfront fees. Typically, they are not paid unless your claim is settled. And because their fees are tied to your settlement, it is also in their best interest to maximize your claim settlement.

As we mentioned earlier, retaining an attorney to handle your property damage claim. However, doing so can certainly make the process much simpler, smoother and uncomplicated. An attorney will always represent your best interests and protect your rights. Most importantly, an attorney will be there to answer any questions you may have and assist you with getting your property back to normal.

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