Slip & Fall Accident Liability

One of the most difficult issues to overcome as personal injury attorneys is to rid victims of the adverse perception that many tend to have. Unfortunately, abuse of the practice of personal injury law has occurred through the years. Some “victims” are actively searching for an injury to claim against, and may even fake a situation in order to win compensation. These people oftentimes create a negative bias for those who are truly injured and need legal assistance.

Many of the most common types of lawsuits those looking for a quick payday tend to bring are fall accidents. What most people may not realize is that negligence must be proven in order to bring a personal injury claim. We urge potential clients to consider their situation uniquely. Just because another person might abuse the system does not mean your injuries are not significant. In the event that another party is truly at-fault for those injuries, you deserve to be represented at a high caliber so that damages can be won for you.

Recently, a woman from Los Angeles won a settlement in the amount of $160,000 after being injured by a sidewalk that the state failed to properly maintain. The woman was riding her bike when an uneven section of sidewalk caused her to crash, leaving her with a broken wrist and hip. By proving the city’s negligence, her attorney was able to collect sufficient compensation for the woman to pay her medical bills and offset lost wages.

Bringing a slip or trip and fall lawsuit against a town or city is not a simple task. Just because you fall on a public sidewalk or street does not automatically mean that the city/town is at fault. The limitations on suing a municipality are that there must have been negligence on their part that caused the fall and it had to have been unreasonably safe. Proving negligence means proving that the municipality knew or should have reasonably known about the unsafe condition prior to the incident. Just because the sidewalk was slippery or icy does not automatically mean the city/town is at fault. It all depends on the location as to who would have been responsible for keeping the walkways safe.

The only sure way to know whether or not your fall incident could lead to a personal injury lawsuit is to contact an experienced injury attorney. At RA & Associates Law Firm, we have represented many victims of fall accidents and are happy to provide honest and thorough expertise during a free consultation. For more information, call 1-888-504-1551 today.


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