Traffic Accidents Rising In Los Angeles

Traffic Accidents Rising In Los Angeles – Victims Unaware Of Financial Settlement Options

Los Angeles residents deal with congestion on the roads every single day. You can never truly say you have been involved in a traffic jam until you have driven the roads throughout and around LA. The number of traffic accidents is on the rise. According to the Los Angeles Times, overall traffic fatalities are down. However, pedestrian deaths are on the rise.

Traffic Deaths

The amount of traffic in Los Angeles is not getting any better. Mayor Eric Garcetti established an initiative in order to eliminate traffic fatalities. However, pedestrian deaths increased by 80% in the first two years according to data. In 2015, there were 74 people killed by drivers in Los Angeles who were on foot. In 2017, the number rose to 234 – the highest number in over 15 years.
In addition to those who have been killed, there are countless more who have been injured. Many of these individuals suffer tremendously, losing time from their families as well as losing their job as a result of missing too many days from the accident.

Financial Settlement Options

There are many people, including those within the Hispanic population, who don’t seek the help of a lawyer. They get injured and the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident pays for their medical bills. However, there’s more to it than that.
The average person who is getting injured in a traffic accident, according to RMIIA is $15,443 for bodily injury. This is only the cost for the medical components. It does not account for time lost from work, pain and suffering, as well as one’s future ability to walk, drive, or work their standard job.
If you have been injured as a result of a traffic accident in Los Angeles, you deserve to seek a financial settlement. This involves contacting a lawyer so that a case can be created. You may be able to seek compensation for more than what the responsible party’s insurance is going to pay for bodily injury.
It doesn’t matter what your immigration status or even your financial status is. You are a victim and therefore you have rights. These rights need to be defended. If someone injured you as a result of a traffic accident, they need to be held financially responsible for what has happened. Insurance settlements are typically not enough to make up for all that has happened.
Additionally, if you have lost a loved one as a result of a fatal traffic accident, you can still seek financial compensation for them. The compensation isn’t enough to bring a loved one back, but it is capable of helping you to provide for your family financially since they can no longer provide.

What You Can Do

A loss is a loss, regardless of who you are. If you have lost time away from work as a result of an injury or a hospital stay or you have lost a loved one, you have rights. These rights are present no matter what because no one has the right to injure another person in a traffic accident. Whether it was bad timing or another issue going on, if you have suffered a loss at any level, it’s important to discuss your case with a lawyer.
You may be able to seek financial compensation beyond what an auto insurance company can offer you.
Everyone has the right to be defended. Learn more about your rights when you’re involved in a traffic accident by contacting RA & Associates, APC today. We can set up a consultation to discuss your case in greater detail and work to defend you.

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