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Car Accident

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Car Accidents

The city of Los Angeles, known for its beautiful climate and chic boutiques, is also known to a lesser degree for its notorious traffic conditions. Traffic conditions which result in nearly 200 car accidents per day, ranking Los Angeles County as one of the highest rates of injury-causing and fatal car accidents in the nation. In 2018, there were an estimated 62,000 accidents in Los Angeles County. These numbers are projected to increase even more for the 2019 calendar year.

While the vast majority of car accidents are not serious, some others can leave victims lost with more questions than answers. Was the accident my fault? Should I tell my insurance company? What should I do when the adjuster calls? Do I have to call the police? Who is going to pay for my medical treatment? Should I hire a lawyer? These are just some questions a victim may ask himself or herself immediately after a car accident. However, victims of car accidents are not helpless and alone. Unlike a majority of personal injury law firms, we help our clients every step of the way, navigating the claims process to ensure a quick resolution to their vehicle damage claim, to ensure our clients receive proper medical care and treatment, and last but not least, to make sure that our clients receive maximum compensation for their injuries.

What are common types of car accidents?

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What are common Car Accident injuries?

What Should I Do If I’m Involved In A
Car Accident?

The most important thing to do when involved in a motor vehicle accident is to stay calm and collected. After you gather yourself here are some questions that may come to mind in the immediate aftermath of your accident:

  • Was the accident my fault?
  • Should I tell my insurance company?
  • What should I do when the adjuster calls?
  • Do I have to call the police?
  • Should I hire a lawyer?

Next, be sure to do the following:

  • Call the police and report the claim immediately. The responding officer will create a police report detailing the accident, and injuries. This report, if in your favor, will be a valuable asset in your claim.
  • Whether the accident is your fault or not, it is extremely important that you DO NOT ADMIT FAULT, especially to an insurance adjuster.
  • Obtain the name, driver’s license number and insurance information of the other drive
  • Obtain the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all witnesses.
  • Take detailed pictures of the opposing driver’s vehicle and your vehicle. Also, it is important to take pictures of any injuries, the road conditions, traffic lights, and any other details of the scene which would be helpful.
  • Seek medical attention immediately after the car accident. Even if you may initially feel fine, you may be injured and not know it as a result of the adrenaline rush from the accident.
  • Contact a personal injury attorney to discuss the facts surrounding your accident.

What we can do for you

Contacting an Attorney after a Car Accident is valuable in many ways.

At RA & Associates, our knowledgeable attorneys take the time to learn and obtain the facts of your case, determine liability and your damages, and aggressively pursue those responsible for your injuries.

An attorney is also able to obtain the necessary documentation needed to prove your case, determine lost wages, retain expert witnesses and determine liability or fault for your injuries. Most importantly, we ensure that your legal rights are protected.

As every case is unique, our trained attorneys and staff can navigate the waters of your motor vehicle accident claim to make sure no stone is left unturned.

Contact the best car accident and personal injury attorneys at RA & Associates to fight for you. We will handle all negotiations for you and make sure you receive full and fair compensation from the insurance company and/or liable party. We will take care of all communications and dealings with the insurance company for you, so your right to fair compensation is protected.

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